Sony’s new WH1000xM3 gets rave reviews – “The best noise cancelling headphones ever made.”


With major product reviewers weighing in on the new Sony WH1000XM3 HD wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones it is clear Sony has hit it out of the ball park again. Sony has redefined the benchmark for noise cancelling without the trade-off of impacting audio quality.

The headphones can be personally optimized at a touch of a button, further enhancing noise cancelling and audio performance, taking into account head-size, glasses, hair, etc.

The headphones can even barometrically compensate for altitude to retain premium performance at flight altitudes for travelers.

We notice a very significant increase in audio performance as well, especially in bass performance. By that we mean bass transparency and resolution, rather than the artificial bass punch added to some headphones. These headphones are certified for Hi-Res performance. Sony’s LDAC transmits 3 times more data (990kbps) than conventional Bluetooth approaching wired sound performance.

Charging is improved too, with a maximum of 30 hours available on a single charge, plus a fast charge providing up to 5 hours of playback on a 10 minute charge!

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