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Audioquest PowerQuest 3 Surge Protector


  • 8 AC Outlets
  • 2x 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter
  • 4 High-Speed USB charging ports
  • Signal Line Protection: Phone, Network, Cable/Satellite

The Industry’s Highest-Value Entry-Level Power-Management Solution:

If you’re looking for the biggest-bang-for-the-buck power-management system in high-end audio, this is it. AudioQuest’s entry-level audiophile-grade PowerQuest 3 power strip not only gives you exceptional surge protection and power filtration, it provides surge protection for a coax line (cable/satellite box) and Ethernet (to safeguard your network components, modem, router, and other computer-audio gear). If you own a stereo, soundbar, receiver, HDTV, or home-theater system, or computer electronics, the PQ3 offers a new benchmark in performance and equipment protection. It simply doesn’t get any better at anywhere even remotely near this cost.

Many power bars use a type of surge protection that wears out over time mostly from small daily surges, rather than large surges from catastrophic electrical events. Often there is no indication the power bar has failed and the damaging spikes are then passed along to your sensitive electronics. It is recommended these inferior type of power bars are replaced every 2-3 years. The PowerQuest 2 is designed to not fail over time. The PowerQuest 2 can take a 3000 amp-6000 volt surge non-sacrificially – the limits of most electrical panels! This means you will not have to purchase a new power bar every few years or even need to remember when to replace it.

It comes with a next generation high-current, directionally optimized concentric-geometry power cord that automatically results in tremendous levels of sonic improvement by way of its non-IEC, captive configuration and incorporates elements from AudioQuest’s premier cables. The PowerQuest 3’s slim profile fits in tight spaces , can be oriented vertically or horizontally in cabinets or racks – and even mounted on the wall.

The PowerQuest 3 designed by the same engineer, Garth Powell, as AudioQuest’s award-winning Niagara Series power conditioners. Garth Powell designed the PowerQuest 3 to provide many of the visual and sonic benefits  – noise and distortion removal, improved overall performance of any connected devices, and critical non sacrificial protection from high-voltage and current surges that would otherwise damage your equipment – while selling for a small fraction of the Niagara Series’ price.


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