SAMSUNG 7.1.4Ch Atmos Home Cinema Soundbar (HWN950)-Demo

2.79 out of 5
(14 customer reviews)

$1,999.99 $1,299.99

  • Built-in Up & Side Firing Speakers
  • Built-in Center Channel
  • WIFI Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Wireless Connection w/ Samsung TV”s
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14 reviews for SAMSUNG 7.1.4Ch Atmos Home Cinema Soundbar (HWN950)-Demo

  1. 5 out of 5


    Unbelievable Sound. Movie Theatre in your Home.

    Sound it extraordinary. I was hopeful but it is actually better than expected. Set up is as simple as it comes and Theatre Quality Sound literally in minutes. May not need to go back to the Movie Theatre any time soon!

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  2. 1 out of 5


    Subwoofer & Rear Speaker Problems

    The unit worked normally after initial setup (and sounded fantastic) but after unplugging it temporarily to switch furniture around, the subwoofer and rear speakers have stopped working.

    The subwoofer and rear speakers no longer produce sound when the main unit is turned on, even though the lights on the back are solid blue indicating they are connected. I have performed the manual re-connection and factory reset steps suggested by Samsung and neither worked. Unplugging the soundbar/subwoofer/rears for an extended period of time sometimes gets everything working again, but only until the next power off/on cycle. Occasionally there are random short bursts of sound from one of the rears.

    I have since discovered on the Samsung Community forum that other owners have reported similar problems and there does not seem to be any fix other than to ship the unit back to Samsung to get it repaired. This is not what I expected for a speaker set at this price point. Do not recommend.

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  3. 5 out of 5


    Amazing system

    I’ve owned the N950 for one month and all the complaints and issues I’ve read from less-than-satisfied customers seem to be user error bc I’ve experienced nothing but pleasure with this system.

    Shows and movies encoded with Atmos or DTS:X sound incredible. Nothing will beat speakers in the ceiling but this is the next best thing. There have been several times I’ve been fooled or incredibly impressed with helicopters seemingly overhead or jumped at the crack of thunder from a storm.

    I have DirecTV and Xbox One X passing through the soundbar via Ultra High Speed HDMI (2.1) and then another new UHS HDMI running from tv to the soundbar, and although switching sources can at times be clunky, overall I’m not complaining. Small price to pay for amazing apartment theater sound. And my wireless connection to rear speakers or sub rarely turns off.

    I’ve told friends, I’m more impressed with this soundbar than my new LG C9 65″ OLED, and I love that TV!

    In the end, and so long as you hook up connections right, you will love these speakers.

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  4. 1 out of 5


    Terrible performance

    Purchase this expecting it to be better than my three-year-old Sony HTNT5 I was wrong I have returned it and will stick with my Sony in my opinion this sound bar is garbage.

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  5. 2 out of 5


    Great Sound, when and if it works!

    Bought this Soundbar thinking I was getting top notch sound since the price was so high. Joke was on me since the amazing sound only lasted a month and a half. After a month of being installed the subwoofer has been loosing connection consistently on every use. It has gotten so bad that now the sub spends more time without any sound. Tried all posible troubleshooting solutions with agents, nothing fixes it. They even made me reset my TV loosing all my calibration settings to no avail, that was fun. Not even new HDMI cables fixed the issue. STAY AWAY from this product. I wish I could’ve returned it for something that actually works. Now my shiny new Soundbar is waiting to get service, let’s see how many hoops I’ll need to jump through to get it looked at.

    Even my cheap Soundbar on the other room is able to maintain connection with its sub although it does not have the great sound this one has, when it works.

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  6. 4 out of 5


    great sound, but ….

    I am the owner of this soundbar since yesterday, it is really powerful in terms of size, great sound at least for the front, the sub works well, it didn’t seem so subdued as many people say on the forums, the disappointing part is that of the speakers posterior, the volume is too low despite the dbs being set to maximum, there is not that feeling of sound wrapping, yes the effects arrive, both with atmos film and dolby 5.1 but it always seems to make only the front and sub bar, and there he realizes the rear speakers only with very strong effects. Even lowering the volumes on the front the volume between the rear and the front is never balanced. I hope that Samsung solves this problem by giving the possibility to go beyond 6db so as to be able to boost the rear volume even further or that by firmware you raise the volume.

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  7. 1 out of 5



    After the firmware update that got installed automatically. The rear speakers stop working. Light is blue on both. To make them work I had to unplug the power of the sound bar for a few seconds and plug it back and they were working fine for a few days, and then unplug again coz they stopped. How stupid are these speakers!

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  8. 3 out of 5


    ARC keeps going out and have to reset.

    ARC has stopped working three times in a month. I am hoping is a glitch however from reading the reviews this seems to be a common problem.

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  9. 3 out of 5



    bought this 2 weeks ago, the sound is ok but alot of the functions they say it can does
    in the ad and specs im not seeing it does

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  10. 2 out of 5


    Awesome when it works…

    I’ve been using the HW-N950 for about 2 months now and have very mixed feelings. When the sound bar works, it is incredible! Playing a Dolby Atmos track at high volume truly immerses you in the movie or show and shakes the room (in a good way). Additionally playing Youtube over ARC makes background music at parties easy and great. Like I said, when the soundbar works as designed I have no complaints. However, since I’ve had it there has been an on going issue that makes it tough to recommend right now. When I am playing a Non-Dolby Atmos track occasionally the sound will just drop out (with the video still being passed through). I’ve had this issue with both an Apple TV 4K and a PS4. Changing the source on the sound bar will fix the issue but having to stop a show or movie 1-3 times during a 1 hour play back with a $1500 sound bar is unacceptable. All I am getting from Customer Service is a hard reset, which didn’t fix it. If this inconsistent sound issue is fixed it would be a 5 star sound bar but until a firmware update fixes the likely software issue its hard to justify the price.

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  11. 5 out of 5


    Awesome sound very easy to set up

    Recently purchased this i was waiting to get this sound system for a while now, a little early Christmas gift for myself

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  12. 2 out of 5


    Poor Bass, Can’t get ATMOS from QLED TV

    I bought this Samsung HW-N950 paired it with the Samsung QLED TV thinking that I would get to enjoy Dolby Atmos since both product are Samsung w/Dolby ATMOS. Well that’s not the case. The only way I could get ATMOS from TV to Soundbar was to load a USB Drive with a DolbyATMOS.mp4 video. All the APPS, like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon can’t/don’t support ATMOS. This is a real disappointment since I don’t want to use an external video source connected to soundbar. I bought a smart TV and Soundbar with ATMOS so those would be a clean setup without a bunch or wires and disparate electronic products. Also, I agree with other comments that the bass is not as deep as expected, even with BASS and Subwoofer set to maximum.

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  13. 1 out of 5


    Auto powers down and rear speakers are problematic

    I received this sound bar with new TV Q80R. I connected this sound bar through Hdmi ARC, it works ok however after 5 minutes of in activity sound bar powers itself down. This is very annoying. I am thinking returning this product back. I need to power on using sound bar’s remote. Year 2019 and these people don’t know how to make things right. Btw I tried using optical cable, BT and wifi. Same issue. Unfortunately there is no way of disabling this auto power down feature according to docs and internet search.

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  14. 4 out of 5


    Good Sound Bar!

    The only poor part is the bluetooth connection as it would blank out for a second and come right back on. I resolved that issue by hooking up with HDMI and the sound is incredible. So far no complaints regarding the system.

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